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Exterminating Pests in San Fernando Valley

Our Exterminator Services

At Avert Environmental Pest Control, We are Experts In Rodent Control, Proofing for Rats & Mice Without Poison. Pest Management
Service starting as low as $50.00
Call Us at 818-415-2950 For Details!

When it comes to reliable rodents, ants, bees and wasps, live animal trapping, and dead animal removal, Avert Environmental Pest Control has you covered!?

Our clients in the San Fernando Valley will always get the best people to do the job. As experienced pest exterminators, we have been providing excellent pest control and management for many years and we have built a great reputation for our business. Our repeat clients come from everywhere in San Fernando Valley and we continue to get more new customers due to our quality workmanship and eco friendly approach to our services.

For many years, our company has been exterminating pests to many residential and commercial property owners in San Fernando Valley with environmentally friendly pest management services. Our commitment to use less toxic and environmentally safer chemicals enables us to provide quality and safe pest control services. Armed and equipped with materials, tools and vast knowledge about pests, our exterminators are able to provide services professionally and efficiently.

Our team of expert exterminators and staff will work together to make your property in San Fernando Valley free of pests. We will work closely with you and educate you about the benefits of different strategies, from how to use baits, growth regulators and residual pesticides for immediate extermination of pests and how to achieve the same results through the use of environmentally friendly techniques and products. We also inform you about the important health concerns caused by pes

When it comes to rodent control, we do "Rodent Proofing" wherein we find all the exterior points of entry to stop them from gaining entry to your structures. In addition to quality rodent control, we also have proven results in exterminating German cockroaches and other pest in many residential, apartments and commercial properties in San Fernando Valley.

Avert Environmental Pest Control specializes in:

  • Exterminating Rodents
  • Exterminating Ants
  • Exterminating Roaches
  • Exterminating Fleas
  • Exterminating Ticks
  • Exterminating Bees
  • Exterminating Wasps
  • Exterminating Crickets
  • Exterminating Silverfish
  • Exterminating Spiders
  • Exterminating Stored - Food Pests
  • Exterminating Moths
  • Exterminating Dead Animal Removal
  • Exterminating Deodorizing
  • Exterminating Bee Removal
  • Live Animal Trapping

We have proven results in eliminating German cockroaches in Residential, Apartments and Commercial properties in San Fernando Valley..!

Contact Avert Environmental Pest Control Today!

Allow our team of professional exterminators to provide you the best and most reliable pest control and animal trapping services. Give us a ring today and ask for available discounts and promos on our service specials. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our exterminators and the services we offer in the San Fernando Valley. Contact us and let us serve you today!


We have proven results in eliminating German cockroaches in Residential, Apartments and Commercial properties..!